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Cosmetic dentistry is the art and science of reshaping, aligning and brightening teeth to create natural-looking, confident and beautiful smiles. Whether you have small imperfections or major ones you wish to correct, aesthetic dentistry can improve nearly any tooth imperfection, including chipped, damaged and missing teeth. If you’re embarrassed by the appearance of your smile and are looking for high-quality cosmetic dentistry near you, we can help. Our highly experienced restoration dentists Dr. Evgeny Titov and Dr. Olga Titov combine a keen eye and the skilled hands of an artist with advanced techniques to deliver state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry in Naples, FL. We’ve helped countless patients turn back the clock and achieve dream smiles, so if you have tooth discoloration, failing fillings, missing teeth or other issues, we look forward to providing you with the same transformative results!

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What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Correct

Our Select Treatments

Porcelain veneers are thin shells that cover the front surface of teeth in your smile zone. They’re an ideal option for concealing cosmetic tooth flaws including gaps, chips, crookedness or discoloration. During this procedure, our restoration dentists remove a minimal amount of tooth enamel to ensure your veneers fit perfectly and provide a natural appearance. The porcelain veneers are carefully fabricated by our skilled in-house dental lab technician to seamlessly blend in with your surrounding teeth.

Crowns are porcelain or ceramic “caps” for teeth that conceal cosmetic and functional issues and protect them from further damage. Bridges are a fixed replacement for one or more missing teeth with crowns on adjacent natural teeth that support the false tooth or teeth. Thanks to our on-site dental lab and milling machine, our restoration dentists can create natural-looking and fully functional same day crowns and bridges. This eliminates the need to wear temporary crowns and wait for restorations to come back from an outside dental lab.

Tooth stains or discoloration are a common cosmetic problem that can decrease your self-confidence. People with whiter, brighter smiles tend to smile more and feel better about their overall appearance. While home whitening kits can produce minimal results, over-the-counter remedies often cause tooth sensitivity with repeated use. Nothing compares to professional teeth whitening for restoring your pearly whites to their radiant best. At Marsh Cove Dental and Implant Center, we offer highly effective in-office teeth whitening in Naples, FL that can safely whiten your teeth by five to seven shades.

When damage to a tooth isn’t extensive enough to warrant restoration with a crown, an inlay or onlay may be a good alternative. An inlay is typically adhered inside the cusp tips of the tooth, whereas an onlay is designed to extend beyond one or more of the cusps. An inlay or onlay created from composite resin or porcelain is bonded directly onto a tooth after any decay or damage has been removed. Inlays and onlays increase the strength of the tooth structure and can last between 10 and 30 years.

A personalized smile makeover in Naples, FL involves a customized selection of procedures designed to correct dental imperfections, with the primary goal of creating a beautiful, healthy smile. In addition to improving the look of individual teeth, we strive to create a beautifully symmetrical smile that complements your facial features, lips and skin tone.

The process of full mouth reconstruction involves customized functional and cosmetic dentistry procedures to repair multiple problems in your mouth. Whether you need crowns, bridges, dental implants or several different types of restorative dentistry, full mouth reconstruction can significantly improve your oral health and function, while helping you achieve a more attractive smile.

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