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While dental implants have a long and proven track record as the best tooth replacement option, dental implant surgery requires in-depth knowledge of soft and hard tissues and a significant level of expertise in all phases of treatment. In recent years, digital imaging, implant planning software, computer-assisted surgical guides and dynamic navigation have enhanced accurate placement of dental implants for improved outcomes. At Marsh Cove Dental and Implant Center, we offer guided implant surgery in Naples, FL using digital planning software and 3D printed surgical guides created in-house. Our skilled implant dentists Dr. Evgeny Titov and Dr. Olga Titov rely on their advanced implant training, extensive experience, state-of-the-art implant technologies and on-site dental lab to deliver restored smiles that stand the test of time. With high-level digital technology coupled with specialized experience in dental implants, we’ll help you achieve optimal health, function and aesthetics—whether you need a single dental implant or full mouth dental implants!


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The Benefits of Digital Guidance

Digitally Guided Treatment

When you choose Marsh Cove Dental and Implant Center to restore your smile, you’ll benefit from our sophisticated technology and on-site dental lab. Our fully digital process provides the greatest level of accuracy, from the first 3D image of your mouth created with our cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner to your final restoration. Guided implant surgery in Naples, FL enhances the ability to provide highly accurate and precise placement of dental implants. Digital guidance also provides a minimally invasive approach to surgery that reduces the risk of potential complications and damage to critical anatomic structures (e.g., sinuses). This is equally important whether you need a single dental implant to replace a top molar or if you’re getting full mouth dental implants that require angled placement.

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3D Printed Surgical Guides

Virtual treatment planning and our 3D surgical guides take the guesswork out of surgery. Our in-house 3D printer eliminates the need for outsourcing fabrication of custom surgical guides. Information from the implant software is transferred to our printer, which creates the guide at our on-site dental lab. Fully guided implant surgery in Naples, FL streamlines the treatment process, lowers the cost of treatment and ensures greater accuracy during your dental implant surgery.

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