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If you’re one of the more than 36 million Americans who is completely edentulous (toothless), you’re likely experiencing many physical and emotional repercussions. The physical side effects of complete tooth loss include gum disease, bone loss, undesirable facial changes, speech problems and an inability to eat a well-balanced diet. If you’re too embarrassed to smile, this can cause a hit to your self-esteem and negatively impact your personal, social and professional life. Our skilled and caring implant dentists Dr. Evgeny Titov and Dr. Olga Titov are dedicated to providing the highest quality All-on-4 to 6 full arch dental implants in Naples, FL for improved smile function, health and self-confidence. Our streamlined, cost-effective protocols allow placement of four or more implants per arch and delivery of a temporary prosthesis in one day. When you choose March Cove Dental and Implant Center for full mouth dental implants, our team will restore your smile with extraordinary care and compassion using the best technology!

Carefully Consider Your Options

Many people who are toothless have tried wearing traditional dentures, only to discover they have many drawbacks. When you wear dentures, bone loss progresses unchecked, which often leads to a poor fit and painful gum irritation. Frequent complaints include clicking, slipping and falling out, as well as speech and eating difficulties. In addition, dentures need to be removed at night, placed in a cleaning solution, require messy adhesives and periodic relining. Unlike dentures or bridges, full arch dental implants fuse with your jawbone, thereby providing a strong, stable foundation that eliminates these problems. Full mouth dental implants in Naples, FL restore your oral function, provide a natural-looking smile and enable you to enjoy a better overall quality of life!

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Our team will help you select the best protocol to address your functional and financial situation

Enjoy a Fully Functional and Beautiful Complete Smile

We offer several immediate-load full arch dental implants, including All-on-4 to 6, All-on-X, Teeth Today, Teeth Tomorrow and New Teeth Now. Our team will help you select the best protocol to address your functional and financial situation. All of these full mouth dental implants are minimally invasive in nature, thereby reducing overall treatment and recovery time. Like all the other patients who entrusted our team to complete their missing smiles with full arch dental implants, you’ll be amazed how this permanent tooth replacement solution transforms your smile and life.

We Bring Dream Smiles to Life

Step 1: Consultation and Planning


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At your first complimentary visit, our team will discuss your functional and aesthetic smile goals and perform an oral exam to evaluate your oral health. Dental X-rays and a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan are used to determine the quality of your underlying structures, including the bone, sinuses and nerves. The 3D image created from your scan is instrumental to accurately mapping out the position and location of All-on-4 to 6 full mouth dental implants in Naples, FL.

Step 2: Same-Day Teeth

If you’ve been living with missing teeth for a while, some degree of bone loss is common. This typically requires grafting to build the bone back up. During fully guided implant surgery, four to six dental implants per arch are placed in the jawbone where your bone mass is the densest. Tilting the posterior (back) dental implants at a 30-45-degree angle usually prevents the need for bone grafting, while front implants can be placed vertically because bone loss is less common in front teeth. In addition to a local anesthetic to numb your gums, we offer all types of soothing sedation, including IV sedation and general anesthesia. Each arch takes about 2.5 hours to complete and our on-site dental lab enables creating functioning temporary teeth the same day as surgery.

Step 3: Healing and Implant Fusion

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After we place the implants and attach the temporary prosthesis, we’ll provide you with pain medication, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications. You’ll need to eat a soft diet and avoid strenuous exercise for a couple of weeks. It takes dental implants three to six months to fuse with new bone growth in your jaw in a process called osseointegration. This step is essential for dental implants to assume the role of natural tooth roots and provide a strong, long-lasting foundation for your new teeth. You’ll return to our practice periodically so we can check your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your temporary prosthesis.

Step 4: Final Smile Restoration

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We provide patients with a choice of materials to fit their budget and unique needs, including resin, porcelain and zirconia. Although we use an outside lab to create zirconia prostheses, we glaze them on-site. Your anchored new prosthesis provides a 70% more powerful bite force than dentures, enabling you to eat all the foods you love, confidently. When you look in the mirror at your natural-looking, fully functional beautifully restored smile, you’ll experience an immediate boost to your self-confidence. With proper oral hygiene at home and professional check-ups, you’ll enjoy amazing benefits for many years to come!

Before After
Before After
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Enjoy a Cost-Effective, Perfect New Smile!

State-of-the-art full mouth dental implants in Naples, FL are one of the best investments you can make in your smile and quality of life. We believe anyone struggling with missing teeth should be able to enjoy the transformative benefits provided by full mouth dental implants. Although we offer competitive pricing, we never want to see financial limitations prevent patients from receiving the high-quality and life-changing care they deserve. In addition to free implant consultations and second opinions, we partner with the highly-rated third-party financing company Proceed Finance to make this amazing treatment more affordable.

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