Simple versus surgical dental extractions

Young man holding a strawberry and smiling Whenever possible, it is best to maintain a natural tooth in its place—especially when it comes to the permanent teeth we keep as adults. However, there are times when a tooth might not be repairable. This can happen if the tooth is loose due to periodontal disease or has an extremely large cavity that cannot be successfully maintained with a filling. When this happens, patients will need to talk to their dentist about dental extractions. Drs. Eugene and Olga Titov in Naples, FL are pleased to offer both simple and surgical extractions.

What is the difference with surgical and simple extractions?

A surgical extraction is a procedure during which the patient will be properly sedated and anesthetized. The dentist cuts into the gums to remove a tooth that has not yet erupted through the gumline. Surgical extractions are often used to remove teeth that might have become impacted, such as the third molars or “wisdom teeth.”

Alternatively, teeth that have erupted past the gumline can be removed with simple extraction. A simple extraction is done with local anesthetics and within a matter of minutes. The dentist will use a specialized extraction instrument that helps grip the tooth and remove it from the jawbone in a single motion.

What is done after an extraction?

Before undergoing simple or surgical extractions, dentists will want patients to have a plan of action in place to replace the teeth removed. This may include the creation of a partial denture, a dental bridge, or the placement and restoration of a dental implant. With various options available, patients can choose one that fits their lifestyle, helps them stay within their budget, and is covered in part or whole by their dental insurance plan. Our front office team can help in breaking down the cost of restorations.

How do I learn more about my immediate dental needs?

Scheduling an evaluation and consultation with the team at Marsh Cove Dental and Implant Center in Naples, FL starts with a phone call to (239) 331-3575. The office is conveniently located at 6654 Collier Boulevard, Suite #104, and is here to provide a wide selection of comprehensive dental care solutions for patients in the community. 

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